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ACTS System Methodologies Pte Ltd

Who We Are

ACTS For ACTIONS explains it all. We strive to Be An All-Rounder Service Provider (Vision) that puts our customers business needs into ACTIONS. The company felt that it’s our mission Touching Even Customer’s Future Needs at the most Cost Effective way through Aspiration and not forgetting Social Responsibility.






Be An All-Rounder Service Provider



A – Aspiration in providing Quality Audit Services

C – Constant Learning

T – Teamwork

S – Social and Environmental Responsibility

ACTS is a professional, independent provider of quality, environmental, health and safety audit for both the public, private and third sectors. We have a reputation for quality, environmental, health and safety and excellent customer satisfaction over a period of years. We have worked as Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Auditor in different sectors of the above services.


We provide assistance to marine engineering companies and construction companies, retail premises, Information technology, offices, shops, manufacturing companies, schools. The assistance varies from providing audit services for ConSASS, Risk Management, OT Exemption, Scaffold Contractor, and Crane Compliance.


SAC Accredited Auditing Organisation



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