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Audit Methodology

ACTS’s top management is committed to safeguard and protect impartiality in all SHMS & RM auditing activities.  This commitment is communicated that ACTS understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out SHMS & RM auditing activities.  ACTS manages conflict of interest to ensure the objectivity of its SHMS & RM aud

Audit Methodology



It may include document review of the Workplace Safety & Health Management System (WSHMS) / Risk Management (RM) documented information and to identify any additional documents needed for review. The Lead Auditor/Auditor shall prepare the Audit Plan prior to the audit and furnish to the client. The dates of the audit shall  be agreed  upon in advance with the client.


Opening Meeting

Opening meeting with site management to explain the purpose of audit, its methodology and identify personnel to interview.

Familiarisation Tour

The purpose of the tour is to let the audit team have an overview of the general site condition.


Assessment of WSHMS using Checklist

ConSASS checklist will be used for WSHMS at Construction worksite and Risk Management Audit checklist will be used for Risk Management System.


Verification of the effective implementation of WSHMS

  • Document Review

It is conducted to assess the written WSHMS and to verify findings from the assessment. Evaluation of findings, which includes the remedial action plan of previous audit findings and WSHMS improvement plan.

  • Physical Inspection

Site physical condition check is conducted to observe the adequacy and implementation of WSHMS.

  • Interview of Personnel

For the purpose of verification, key personnel from main contractor, subcontractors, workers and operators will be interviewed.

Exit Meeting

Closing meeting with site management to present the audit findings and grading. Grading may include immediate action, critical comments, etc. Lead auditor shall advise the client that the audit evidence obtained was based on sample of the information obtained during the audit.


Post-Audit Evaluation

It will be done by the auditors who had conducted the audit.


Preparation of Report

A report based on the audit findings will then be sent to the auditee. Testimony of audit conducted would be available upon request.

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